01 Yoshi & Kari

Yoshi & Kari
600 years ago, the humans and dragons was in a constant battle of survival. A dragon was wondering why does the humans hate dragons so much. But one person stepped up to a dragon and said how much the war annoys him. And as the years go by, the dragons was never to be seen again. Some say dragons made a family with the humans and dragon babies has been given human form. A young man named Yoshi is on a mission to find a thief that has been taking money and turning into someone else.
Yoshi and Taku

Yoshi and Taku

On the sidelines, a young girl named Kari is looking for the Dragon Scale organization. Whilewhile while Yoshi and Taku are strolling around the city looking for Copycat, Copycat snuck up behind Yoshi and took his bag. Yoshi chased after him but left Taku behind. Kari noticed Yoshi running across the town like a wildman. Kari looked awkward as she thought that the town has a lot of things. Yoshi lost his trail and continues to look around the city. Kari was looking for a magic shop, as she tours around the place filled with disappointment. Yoshi ran into her and asked does she know anywhere he can find someplace to eat. Kari replied that he ran passed 20 different shops.

Yoshi realized he left Taku behind, while looking for Taku in a daze, Taku was behind Kari sniffing her butt. Later, while in a resturant, Yoshi and Taku introduced themselves to Kari while eating at the same tim. He mentioned to her that he's on a mission to find Copycat.

Kari thought to herself how he is going to pay for the food. Then, Taku had later asked how is he going to pay. Yoshi replied Kari is going to pay. Kari looked confused and shouted out she doesn't have any money. Yoshi looked into his pocket and pulled out a 500Z. As Yoshi and Taku left the resturant, Kari asked what organization he's in since he can Magic.
Kari screams at Yoshi

Kari yells as Yoshi and Taku

Taku had a hold of Copycat's scent and he saw that he had Yoshi's backpack. Yoshi charged and smacked him unconscious. As Yoshi laughs that he has his bag back, Kari wondered what is he going to Copycat since he knocked his out. Copycat smiled and transformed into Yoshi. Yoshi was amused by his transformation and asked can he turn into Taku. Kari asked wasn't he supposed to catch him, Yoshi realized what he was supposed to do and told Kari and Taku to stand back. Taku claimed that they were going to attack. As they clashed, Copycat seemed to have the upper hand, but what Copycat didn't know is that Yoshi can't be effected by Darkness Magic. Yoshi screamed out that he's going to show him what he can do from Dragon Scale. 

Kari was shocked that he's in the organization that she's looking for as Yoshi was showing his true power on Copycat. Kari asked Taku what kind of magic he's using. Taku replied that Yoshi uses Dark Dragon M
Yoshi vs. Copycat

Yoshi vs. Copycat

agic. Kari looked in a daze as she thought Dragons were extinct, but Taku told her that the dragons were hiding for the past 600 years. Taku also told mentioned that Yoshi was that his father was a dragon and his mother was human. But 10 years ago, his father Tairyuu Dragnia was killed by an unknown person. He had gotten into the conclusion that his mother killed Tairyuu. Yoshi captured Copycat and mentioned that he's going back to Dragon Scale, he asked Kari is he coming with him and she happily followed him.
Yoshi captures Copycat

Yoshi captures Capycat